Invest in you and better your investment.

As we purchase a home to live in or for rental purposes we should also invest in ourselves. When I speak of an investment in self, I’m referring to an acquiring a knowledge base of what we have purchased and what it’ll take to maintain its value and general upkeep. The more you do with your home which can consist of simple weekend projects, theirs you’ll learn about yourself and your property as well.
I’ll never be able to stress enough the importance of purchasing tools and become familiar with when and how to use them. The only way to acquire the understanding of the tools is through application which will stem from reading , watching and asking questions.
You may have a reliable contractor that does all of your work yet you’ll save money when he does only some of your work. I’d your goal is to het to the point where a contractor does almost none of your work, I want to assist you. It’s like learning math. Through addition we learned to multiply and through learning your tools you’ll learn carpentry. Do I know it all, NO yet I constantly read and study new ways and ask fellow carpenters and tradesmen questions. This is a journey from which there is no return. Come enjoy it, the art is on the start.

No inspections? Seriously?

Speaking with a middle aged couple the other day a friend of a friend about a recent home renovation they had done and we come across an issue. They told me of some problems they were having and when I asked “Did you get any inspections?”, they looked at me strange. Paying good money for the remodel of a kitchen, bathroom and basement yet not one inspection. Before the wall goes up before anything was covered, inspections should have took place. Many contractors will not get a permit and go the process and it’s because of the contractor usually doesn’t have his paperwork in order, has something to hide or they don’t agree with the cost which on turn will cost the homeowner in the long run. Protect yourself, do the research and ask questions of those already in the business.