Friend of mine …

Friend of mine bought a new home 2 months ago and she was estatic excited and overjoyed about her investment. Being a foreclosed home she 1. Got a steal and 2. Had a bit of work to do.  I warned her not to rush into the cosmetics and to focus her budget on getting the home healthy first. I seen it in her eyes as I seen it in many others before. While Speaking in one of her ears it flowed out the other. Her friends had more of influence on her than me as she painted rooms and got her granite couintertops. Made the house real pretty for her house warming party and two days after the disaster began. She called me and told me that she had water dripping from her ceiling and needed me to come by and check it out.  From the kitchen I could see where water stains and not so hidden patchwork was done. Wow, I went on the roof and seen the condition of the roof and wondered why her kitchen wasn’t wet as a beach. Blisters, missing shingles and flashing that needed replacing. I asked her what the inspector said in the report about the roofs condition. Her reply was that he said it needed immediate attention and she figured she could wait till she got her taxes to do the roof.

  When purchasing a home do some research and ask all the questions you think of but never assume.The roof and the foundation should never be taken lightly along with anything that the inspector took the time to place in the report. Never place cosmetics on the front end.


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