To buy or not to buy, lumber that is.

When purchasing lumber you want to pick up the lumber and look down the side of it to see if the wood is straight or bowed (like a bow used with an arrow). You pay good money for wood, get what your paying for. Twisted or bowed wood is no good for building only firewood.




One response to “To buy or not to buy, lumber that is.

  1. Hi builders builder, whilst I agree this is very true, it would depend what job you want the timber to do as to whether a board with a slight bow, or maybe some cupping, is a useful piece of timber or not.

    For example, if you need to use it in a long length then it’s definitely more difficult to use if it’s bowed, but if you only want short lengths then the bowing won’t be noticeable once you cross cut to length..

    Timber can be a costly material for the user (although it has so many fantastic qualities I think they usually outweigh the cost..) but using it wisely can save you money too.. and you could always ask for a reduction on the bowed pieces..!!

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