Water everywhere and why?

Sometimes we run into situations where we could of avoided had we spent a little more time planning instead of rushing to do. I recently received a email that was last that stage. The homeowner had water leaking out from inside a wall over a period of time unknowingly and the walls had watermarks. Being that the marks were behind the couch she didn’t realize it as soon as she would have had it been not hidden. Franticly she broke open the wall and couldn’t stop the leak or find the shut off valve. After she calmed down she realized that the main shut off was in the garage so she shut it down and went to the hardware store acquired necessary parts and pieces to complete the project. (PVC glue and cleaner a coupling a simple fix). What caused the leak is what she found amusing. She hung a picture and since it was big she used a big screw and it hit a supply line on its way in. A common issue but now she has to replace damp insulation, repair the wall, patch and paint. Lesson learned.
I say all of that to say this:
• Use stud finder to locate studs and fasten your hangers the stud for a firm grip and to hold objects you hang.
• hardware stores have many different picture hangers that will suit the weight your trying to hang, spend a little time in this section before hanging heavy objects upon your walls.
• Never sink a 3″ or 4″ screw or nail in a wall expecting it to hold anything especially if it doesn’t hit a stud.

Thanks and send any question you may have to askabuilder@thebuildersbuilder.com


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