Who you know depending on what you know.

About ten yrs ago I remember helping a friend pour out a patio. Me not knowing his capabilities and him not knowing concrete turned into an issue quickly. We were using wheel barrels and going downhill. Coming back to get another load was more work than taking a full one to dump. Him making his 17th trip, he went down and never came back up. Panting, huffing and puffing laying in the grass he quit. His words were “Send the truck back, I’ll tell the homeowner that I’ll pay for it”. Needles to say I emptied the truck out, pulled the screed board across it, bullfloated, edged, broomed and finished the job. The homeowner came home not knowing what happened and said “Wow, this looks amazing!”. I say that to say this. If you don’t know ask questions or have a friend with you with experience. Take good notes and do your research because knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do. The surface doesn’t tell the story of what goes into a job. This doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself, I dumped several wheel barrels on my first day but they gave me a shovel and told me to pick it up and keep going. I tell you the same.


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