Q&A from our inbox #001

Here’s a question that recently came to the askabuilder@thebuildersbuilder.com inbox.

Q: I have recently had someone help me put up Sheetrock and finish it and it actually came out great (well my help applied and sanded the Sheetrock compound). Due to my budget I waited to paint and thanks for the tip with the oops paint because I found something close to what I was seeking. My question is do I need to prime or can I just apply several coats.

A: Many people today are buying into the all-in-1 paint that has the primer include. Being that you already have the paint I truly recommend that you apply a coat of primer and have it tinted to the tone that your applying or very close. Some painters use a contractor grade flat paint as a substitute for primer, this doesn’t have the sealing properties (acrylic resin)of a good grade primer so I wouldn’t recommend this on fresh walls but a good way to save money when changing colors in rooms. Primer acts as a sealant on fresh walls and helps to give you a consistent even coated paint job. Often you’ll see where the compound was applied when a wall wasn’t primed because the compound and Sheetrock absorbs the paint in different manners. Tinting your primer decreases the miner of necessary topcoats to cover the area at hand while also bringing forth a more durable finish. The primer may not be exact in color as the base may be a different white don’t get nervous as the color of your primer and paint differ in tone. Good luck and please send pictures along with any other questions you may have.


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