Prevention is your protection

If you home you can expect your share of unexpected expenses and rainy days. It goes without saying that roofs will need repairing and every so many years they’ll need to be replaced alongside of water heaters and furnaces. To limit these situations we must maintain the house in its entirety In doing so one can catch a small issue before it becomes a big problem. No guarantees that you will but with anything you must be in to win. For instance maintenance of insulation in your attic may help you to discover a leak which could of destroyed wood damaged ceilings or worst infused the growth mold(which can become a health hazard). To know what is damaged? Why is it damaged? What can be done? Can I do it? Just think, if you catch it early and maintain your home you can do it (if you learn to do it correctly) yet it’ll be expensive and less negotiable later.


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