Knowing your home: Utility shut down

Certain projects call for you to shut down the utilities such as gas, electrical and or water.
Here are some brief instructions for shutting them down to operate safely. Everyone in the house should know where, when what how and why’s of shutting down these utilities.
– Gas – This should be cut off and especially turned back on by your local gas company. Yet it never hurts to know where this is in case of an emergency. If there’s a case where you’d have to shut it down you should do so then notify the proper channels from a neighbors house.
– Electric -You may be able to shut down a single circuit breaker which should be labeled within the panel. Or you may have to shut down the power completely but always shutdown all breakers prior to shutting down the main.
– Water – It’s always good to have knowledge of the location of this as well and have it marked. Often these are rusted open or in a position whenever they’ve been in for long durations at a time, in this case have them repaired.


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