Good contractor meets uninformed client

Stanley was on his way home from a long yet fruitful day as he finished up a sheetrock job early so that he wouldn’t have to return. Putting all his tools away he felt the vibration from his phone. After nearly 30 years in the business and operating heavy machines and power tools the young man had lost a bit of his hearing abilities so ringtones did him no justice. “Yes this is Stanley of S & L Contracting, How can I serve you?”. Nothing out of the ordinary it was a young vibrant lady looking for someone to rehab a house she bought on foreclosure, kind of frantic requesting him to come by tonight and look at it. Stan was tired but this customer seemed persistent and refusing to take “no” for an answer so the address was given and he headed that way.
Later model foreign vehicle in the yard, something told him this wasn’t going to go good but this customer was recommended by a respectable long time client so he pushed himself on. As most good contractors do he inspected the house with every step he took, noticing the holes in the fascia boards, the gutters backed up with leaves and debris that was causing them to hang, the blistering roof and he hadn’t made it inside yet. “Hello I’m Brandy and I want you to knock down this wall, put tile in here and hardwood floors in here, I want granite in here with a backsplash to match and maybe we’ll…….”. Stanley chuckled as he’s seen this before “Excuse me Ms. Brandy but I think there’s a couple of items we’ll need to address before you get to the cosmetic projects” She didn’t understand what he meant and Stan seen that look before as well so he proceeded . “Do you have a copy of the home inspection report, I’d like to point out some things that needs to be addressed immediately”…………………………..


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