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Friend of mine bought a new home 2 months ago and she was estatic excited and overjoyed about her investment. Being a foreclosed home she 1. Got a steal and 2. Had a bit of work to do.  I warned her not to rush into the cosmetics and to focus her budget on getting the home healthy first. I seen it in her eyes as I seen it in many others before. While Speaking in one of her ears it flowed out the other. Her friends had more of influence on her than me as she painted rooms and got her granite couintertops. Made the house real pretty for her house warming party and two days after the disaster began. She called me and told me that she had water dripping from her ceiling and needed me to come by and check it out.  From the kitchen I could see where water stains and not so hidden patchwork was done. Wow, I went on the roof and seen the condition of the roof and wondered why her kitchen wasn’t wet as a beach. Blisters, missing shingles and flashing that needed replacing. I asked her what the inspector said in the report about the roofs condition. Her reply was that he said it needed immediate attention and she figured she could wait till she got her taxes to do the roof.

  When purchasing a home do some research and ask all the questions you think of but never assume.The roof and the foundation should never be taken lightly along with anything that the inspector took the time to place in the report. Never place cosmetics on the front end.


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Furnishing the toolbox. Tape measures.

Cheap tape measures have never been the ticket for me. preferably I use Stanley and I don’t say this because they’re sliding me a check but because to me their sturdy and long lasting. There’s no check being slid to me at all except for when the jobs I’m ask to do is done correctly. FatMax is a line made by Stanley that has a coated blade and will stand out 8-10′ before it folds and crinkles. The price difference goes from $9 to $25 bit it’s worth it.

7 Ways to Add Curb Appeal Over the Weekend

This is actually proven. Great read.

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Often times sellers overlook the exterior of their home when preparing to sell.

They de-clutter, scrub, and paint the interior yet leave out the exterior- the first impression.

49% of buyers decide on your home before they even take a step inside. This is before they see the beautiful hardwood floors, the custom kitchen, or the feature that you believe will set your home apart from the rest.

On top of this, 89% of buyers start their search online before they even contact an agent to begin their house search. They start cyber house hunting a daunting 8 months before they start physically viewing homes.

This makes it imperative that their first impression of your home is unforgettable. I’m not suggesting anything outrageous or too time consuming. What I am suggesting is that, before your home hits the market, you take a weekend to spruce it up!

Simple Maintenance and Cleaning

Take a…

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Here I go again – raving about the wonders of all-neutral interiors. But, seriously, this house (by Neuhaus Architecture and JP Warren Interiors) would persuade even the most vocal of the anti-beige crowd that pale is, indeed, interesting. The house, which was apparently decorated by the owner – the Jessica in JP Warren – was covered by Desire to Inspire back in June but it’s so beautiful I had to revisit it again here.

The architectural details of this house are extraordinary. All that molding, the fireplace, the pilasters. In my opinion, a brighter color scheme would be overwhelming. Instead, the muted palette just emphasizes all this lovely detail.

The floor is particularly attention-grabbing. I’ve no idea if this is original marquetry or whether it was installed, but it emphasizes and defines the shape of the space beautifully.

This is evidence that neutral interiors work best when there are…

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Have you discovered the 1st Dibs Photo Archive yet? What an amazing resource. It’s a gallery of photos from some of the most accomplished interiors photographers in the world (including the likes of Tim Street-Porter and Paul Costello). But the best part is that you can click on any photo and ‘shop the look’ with a wide selection of pieces from 1st Dibs that are similar to those in the photo.

For example, remember this room in Domino (RIP) magazine?


And here’s the accompanying 1st Dibs shopping list:

Because the photographers featured are world-class, you’ll recognize many of the photos from your favorite upscale shelter magazines. If, like me, you couldn’t get enough of Ellen Pompeo’s house in Elle Decor, for example, you’ll love this:

Here’s Pompeo’s living room, shot by Tim Street-Porter:


And now the 1st Dibs version:


Of course, the catch is that all this 1st…

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Beautiful. Love the rooms all three have successfully achieved a warm feel.

I’m spotting gorgeous white rooms everywhere I look these days. Maybe it’s a January thing – fresh new beginnings and all that. But these snowy palettes are definitely speaking to me. Here are three of the very best – each of them illustrates perfectly how to keep a whiter-than-white space from looking like the inside of a refrigerator.

Wood tones and textures

A live edge coffee table, squashy leather chair and patterned rug (is that hide patchwork?) signal lived-in comfort against that white backdrop. By designer Kelly Behun via Desire to Inspire.

Glamorous gold

Gold is a great way to warm up white – yet it still reads as a neutral. More to the point, though, an utterly glamorous ceiling takes any chill out of the white. Ornate crown molding, wallpaper or a darker shade of paint on the ceiling would achieve a similar, if less dramatic, effect. Via

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