Roofing repair


Take time to look at your roof from about 50’ away and see if you have missing, buckling, curling or rotting shingles. This will determine if you need to develop a budget for this repair as it can be costly and begin to damage your home. Watermarks on the ceilings are signs of water leaks and may cause rotting and molding which can be hazardous to your family’s health. Above images from left to right are curling, buckling and rotting.


2 responses to “Roofing repair

  1. I’d like to add to this, that a leak may not only be caused by a leaky roof, but can also be caused by faulty or poorly installed windows. The water from either a leaking roof or windows can also travel to the center of the house via beams, pipes or wires where there is no roof or windows near by, making it appear to be a leaking pipe. See the problem before this happens, we found this out the hard way.

    • Great points blankemom. The good thing to do also is investigate the problem during a heavy rain or have someone spray the roof, windows or the chimnney that may have damaged flashing as you check it out. Narrowing down the problem area can be a tedious process, yet just calling up a roofer and assuming can be costly. Thanks.

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