The best of both worlds

Are the old buildings where tradesman were seemingly more skilled better or worst than the structures of today where buildings are built at a faster pace. The workers had less equipment so were possibly more creative and or worked harder. I look at the buildings of old and sometimes I’m amazed and wonder how they got it done. Still standing strong, one may go in and transform its purpose but the foundation is solid. On the other hand I look at the new construction and see flaws such as walls out of square or not plumb, studs staggering and inconsistent, etc. Makes me wonder is it the time efficiency we seek or quality. A “Build them sell them and if they complain we’ll fix it” attitude takes the integrity and skill away from the job-site. Me I truly appreciate the skill of yesterday and also I respect the technology of today, therefore I say merge the two and seek the best of both worlds.


2 responses to “The best of both worlds

  1. This is SO true! I dislike newer homes for so many reasons, but finding unchanged older homes is getting more and more difficult. We still own a home that was built in 1900 (whether we want to or not). 😉 It’s withstood hurricanes, nor’easters, flooding, winter storms and many, many homeowners beautifully over these 111 years. It may be a little draftier and doesn’t have all the modern day amenities, but I’ll take the excellent construction and attention to detail anyday!

    • Believe me I understand! The craftsmanship is not what it was, it’s not being passed down as it was in the days of old. I love to see the modern amenities yet the woodwork, stout structures and creativity is absent. The combination only comes when you buy old and add what you adore of the new. Thanks for the comment and I love your blog.

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