Some people can paint good, others are good painters.

We can do many of the home improvement task ourselves but we must respect the skilled professional who has reached near excellence. There’s a difference between someone who puts sheetrock mud on walls (mud-slingers) and one whom finishes sheetrock. A good finisher doesn’t have piles of dust on the floor (due to putting too much mud on the wall) because he’s learned that lesson already and has learned to control his tools. The same with a painter who can cut with his brush like an barber. A good painter usually caulks the cracks, preps the walls and puts the furniture in the center of the room or stages the area. When situations arise with pros they usually keep gliding because they encounter these situations all the time. There is plenty of things a pro does and doesn’t realize as it has become second nature. Many can do it themselves, have done or did it themselves and will continue to do so. Then there’s those who have the passion to learn and go beyond completing the task, these people go above the bar. These are the people that pay attention to detail and will fix what their customers don’t see because it would bother them even after leaving the job site. These are the people that you hire. After all, if you just wanted not bad results anybody could of done it. When spending good money you should receive good results!


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