Improve you!

Many people, myself included complain about the situation or company they work for and the improvements that need to be made yet often it’s us that need to change. Don’t wait for the company to hire more skilled employees become that! If your the boss lead your employees and if your the employee accept the responsibilities at hand and push towards the goals set forth by those that are in leadership. I’m in a situation where growth is constant and the job is demanding therefore I read and study to ease the growing pains. As far as the demands I strive towards staying ahead or better yet I stay on the offense. If your a gardener you’ve got to know how to maintain the soil in harsh conditions, you’ve got to study and apply what you learn until you master it because excuses won’t raise the seeds out the soil yet understanding the situation and how to adapt will. If your a painter you must know when to use oil vs. latex, what sheens in what locations and so forth. If not you may be consider one who can paint good yet not a good painter. The way one conducts himself during adverse times will reflect what that person has studied and experienced. I say in my opinion with difficulty comes ease, therefore face the difficulty because beyond that point is unknown levels of greatness.

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