Educate yourself and increase your worth

I never realized how much the blueprint courses I took would help me and I am thankful I pushed myself to do so. At night after long days of work, digging and pouring concrete wasn’t easy but with difficulty comes ease. Most people settle where I just couldn’t find comfort. I encourage all to take a class that increase their value and or expands the diameter of possibilities. Go online and you’ll find long lists of places that are teaching in and out of your field. If not why not?

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Don’t do it because you can’t(yet)

It’s not always for the money when I take on a job as much as for the reputation and relationships I wish to build. Never saying that I could do what I can’t because I prefer to build the trust by referring you to someone who is great at the service you’re in need of. Trust has evaporated as the economy has caused so many companies to downsize or close their doors. Many try to take on any dollar that presents itself and in turn they’ve shot themselves in the foot for round two.

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Improve you!

Many people, myself included complain about the situation or company they work for and the improvements that need to be made yet often it’s us that need to change. Don’t wait for the company to hire more skilled employees become that! If your the boss lead your employees and if your the employee accept the responsibilities at hand and push towards the goals set forth by those that are in leadership. I’m in a situation where growth is constant and the job is demanding therefore I read and study to ease the growing pains. As far as the demands I strive towards staying ahead or better yet I stay on the offense. If your a gardener you’ve got to know how to maintain the soil in harsh conditions, you’ve got to study and apply what you learn until you master it because excuses won’t raise the seeds out the soil yet understanding the situation and how to adapt will. If your a painter you must know when to use oil vs. latex, what sheens in what locations and so forth. If not you may be consider one who can paint good yet not a good painter. The way one conducts himself during adverse times will reflect what that person has studied and experienced. I say in my opinion with difficulty comes ease, therefore face the difficulty because beyond that point is unknown levels of greatness.

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Crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s…

This morning started off kind of odd. Got to a job and couldn’t get in because the guy who installed the new lock didn’t stick his key in and make sure it locks and unlocks with the door open. This was a drastic mistake because as the employees of this building arrived they began to grow frantic and the boss wanted to break the glass. I asked did you check the lock, he said “yes, when I left I locked the door and figured it worked fine”. Note to all: Just as you measure twice cut once, check the lock before locking yourself out or in by twisting the key both ways with the door open in the future. Locksmiths are expensive and I had to drill the core out to open the door. He wanted to retry as he left to get a new core, lesson learned hopefully.

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Constant customer service

How we treat our customers is key to how our business will grow and evolve. It makes a customer fell grand when a company calls and follows up with a service rather it matched or exceeded expectations. It’s always said to under-promise and over-deliver yet carrying out the practice is hardly done. We all must strive to make ourselves our worst critic. I recently received a follow up card from someone I dealt with months ago and it turned out that I had a friend seeking the service that this company provided. I really had no choice but to refer this great follow up fanatic. Thank you again RX Inc. for the great service.