Adapting to change

Working with many that are 45-55 yrs of age has its benefits and also has drawbacks. The guys tend to be set in their ways, now if those ways are good you’re golden yet if they are bad they are there to stay. Being in the world of construction you can learn a great deal of tricks of the trade from this 25 plus years of experience group that probably has forgot more than one with 5-10 years of experience knows. As time goes on new ways are developed and a company that will not change with the times can easily be left behind. Today it’s about efficiency, about being green and that wave of technology is today and not so much in the midst of tomorrows. No disrespect to either or but it’s necessary to change with the times. I’ve seen some contractors pull up list of suppliers on a blackberry or ipad and find material cheaper, closer and in stock while another gets in his truck and burn this high dollar gas and his valuable deadline nearing time to come back empty handed. A concrete company who doesn’t wish to learn to work with stamps will not deliver much longer. One must always have knowledge of the past, knowledge on what’s current and also on what’s coming around the corner.


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