To know how is good yet to know what is great as well!

I must say there’s many that know how and plenty that just claim the fame but to know what is key. To know what is important and very crucial, especially if your the customer.
To know what you want done, what should you be paying, what are the time frames for such a project along with the processes. To answer the “what’s” will lead you to the “who’s” and hopefully away from the blues.
I strongly recommend that you write out what you want done first. Do the homework and research on what a project similar to yours usually cost. I was always told if you don’t know jewelry, you’re best friend should be a jeweler. I say that to say you should have some friends you can ask questions. The best question to ask those that give estimates is the one you already know the answer to. To know what you should be spending you can control what you will spend (in most cases). For example knowing what are you spending on and what can you cut back on will be helpful in devising a home project budget. As a contractor is responsible and liable for much you must know, what are these things that sits under their umbrella.
Do your research and learn from your mistakes.

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