A good crew bring good news and a bad crew leave loose crews.

A good company must have many ingredients to survive. One being a good crew which will in turn creates good reputation and solid feedback. A good crew knows what they have to do, understand the companies mission, expectations and the promises that have been made to the customer. They come in, go to work and it’s like the chemistry that is seen when watching a championship team in action because everybody has a part to play and must work hard & smart at playing it. Now the bad employees or those who come to work halfway sober, halfway drunk , no tools and a ton of excuses can give a good company a bad name that will in turn loose future business. One must be careful when selecting employees because you can easily bring a cancer in your system that will kill your company before you notice the damage. Bad and good behaviors or habits are both contagious therefore management and leadership must always be on the same track as the owner. There’s a thin line between work relationships and friends therefore as they say “Don’t let friends drive drunk!”. Companies have been driven into the ground due to poor leadership and once it got away they couldn’t regain control. Everyday and every soul involved is a key that can lock and unlock the doors of tomorrow. Truthfully if you don’t have a plan to bring strength to the weak links than you must severe ties. Solid teams equal success.

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