When who you know meets what you need.

Recently on a Saturday, hard at work trying to meet a Monday deadline I ran into a situation that made me say “Its truly all about who you know!”. It’s always said verbally yet sometimes it’s all laid out in your face for you to taste. The plumbers were wrapping up and the concrete crew was grading out a slab that had to be poured Monday for all to go as scheduled. Well, needless to say we ran short on stone, not good because if we don’t pour Monday the rain coming Tuesday (80% chance) will push us to Wednesday, maybe. No panic for me regardless I just react and go thru the mental rolodex. First I call the guy I deal with all week, all month, every job and all year. No good, no answer it’s a Saturday and he’s on the golf course enjoying the abundance of money that was falling out his pocket. Millionaire, his Dad gave him the company and he runs it nothing like his dad for his dad was a genuine gentleman with friends all over from California to New York, wouldn’t be surprised if some dwell in Canada and Mexico. So I do what I must, I mean I have to meet my deadline. I call up the “Ol’ man”. He answers we share a joke or two and he says “okay enough small talk what you need, where at, how much and when?”. Needless to say two hours later I got two truck-loads backing up and dumping. I was truly thankful and went to shake the drivers hand and slide a tip in the process just a sign of gratitude shared within the trade (at least with me it is). The driver refused to accept and his exact words we’re “What the Ol’ man wants, the Ol’ man gets”. I’ll never forget this situation as I strive to build such a network as this man because his net definitely works!

Thank you and please visit our website http://www.thebuildersbuilder.com


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