Essential tools for DIY homeowners

There’s nothing worst than bringing home a gigantic or tiny box for your child and the closer you get to home you’re just as excited as they are only to realize that these 2 – 23 multiple size pieces and parts in this box require tools to become one. Tools you don’t have! To eliminate this from occurring repeatedly, I’ve developed a small list of tools that should be acquired over a period of time. Many people will go out and buy a handful of cheap tools yet I wish to remind you that you’ll get what you pay for. Don’t hurt yourself with the tools or the price and if it’s an expensive tool I recommend you check with the local pawn shops and do your research on brand name and reputation.  For the husbands this may lengthen your honey-do list and for wives this may have your husband in the garage acting as if he can’t hear you calling out “Come here for a second”, but here goes….

Claw Hammer – A 16 oz. hammer is most common for work around the house. While many of our Grandfathers used the ol’ hickory handled hammer, the majority of hammers today are made of fiberglass. It’s all on preference, I prefer a Estwing yet it’s all on what feels comfortable to you. A hammer that is awkward and head heavy may have you hitting the wrong nail. The claw hammer has a claw on the back-end which is used to pull nails and performs many other demolition and carpenter tricks that come forth with little to no experience.

Screwdrivers – Flat head and Phillips screwdrivers come in different sizes and can be purchased as a set. Believe me when I tell you that you will eventually use all these drivers and they are definitely worth their weight in gold. The Phillips screwdriver is the one that looks like a cross and was first invented  by John Thompson who sold the design to Henry Phillips after failing to attract manufacturers. Phillips refined the self centering design in 1934. There are many different screws today yet these are the most popular.

Tape MeasureTape measures is a tool that will be used when creating, building or even hanging pictures. Essential and I have several different sizes from a 16′, a 25′ and a 35′. Stanley makes a Fat Max which has a 8-10′ standout which helps for those who does work alone it holds up somewhat straight when extending out 8-10′. A 100′ tape is also good if you do a lot of work in the yard. For the modern people who like electronics they also make many brands of powered tape measures which will measure wall to wall, floor to ceiling or point to point rather accurately and these devices are not too expensive.

Socket Set Socket sets are valuable for your various sized nuts and bolt placement and removal. Buying the set you’ll usually have all bases covered as you’ll definitely encounter a variety.

Utility Knife – A utility knife is important to have to allow you to cut sheet rock, cardboard, sharpen pencils and open the packages of these tools you’re purchasing. Seriously a utility knife and new blades are key because if you’re busy, you’ll definitely go thru blades.

Vise Grip A vise grip is just what the name states. A vise grip is used to grip, hold and sometimes bend what you can’t with your bare hands, unless you have bear hands.

Crescent Wrench The adjustable wrench is valuable because it allows you to adjust to the nut or bolt your dealing with. The  usage of this tool spans from breaking a bolt or nut loose or tightening it down.

PliersNeedle nose, lineman’s and snips are different types of pliers each with a different use and mostly all uses are electrical. Pliers are like a set of finger tips that can reach in pull and grip what you can’t with your fingertips, with an exception of the snips which are used for cutting. Pliers are not to take place of your hammer.

Cordless screw gun w/ bits and tipsToday you can purchase a battery-powered kit with a screw gun and an impact gun or drill which will give you the power to pre drill holes and place any screw or bolt in any application you may come across in your home. This is one you must do research on because theirs various amounts of power and several reputable name brands that can be purchased at great prices. Drills  are for boring holes. Hammer drills are for tougher applications such as concrete and masonry work. Impact guns will give you torque that won’t transfer to your arm but will work the nut or screw instead. The screw gun is an ol’ fav and will do just what it says and can also be adjusted for different applications. Bits or drill bits and tips will be needed or all of these will be useless.  The tips allow you to remove and insert the screws and bolts that you’ll be utilizing.

LevelWhen building, being level is important and necessary. One may use various size levels. Pocket or torpedo levels are handy for small jobs in tight corners and give a good quick reference. A 2′ level comes in to play when a 4′ level can not fit but remember the longer the level the more accurate you will be. If you’re working alone and with a lot of metal, a magnetic level is good to have.

Saws – Hand saws are sometimes good (if you have no power) and circular saws come in handy yet have cut off plenty of fingers. I’m not trying to scare you with reality just reminding you that you must be careful and know what you’re dealing with. Circular saws are used to cut and rip lumber and will be one of your best friends once comfortable with its capabilities.

If there’s any recommendations please send to me or add a comment. Thanks for your time..


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