Are you playing with a full deck

The weather is nice and our favorite foods are being cooked on the grill as we share laughs with close friends and family. The landscaping is nice and compliments are coming forth along with many people asking “Where did you get your patio furniture?”. All is good until except for one thing, your deck is gray and has lost it’s luster. Let’s face it you’ve put it off for long enough, It’s definitely time.   If you put the decks off for too many seasons, the deck will either be ruined or need much work instead of just maintenance.

Before cleaning the deck one should replace molded, rotted and soft boards, pull loose nails and replace with deck screws. Depending upon what has previously been applied to your deck and what’s the condition of your deck will direct you on which cleaning solution is best for you. Pressure washing without using too much pressure usually does the trick. Thompson has a variety of products for cleaning, staining and sealing. I’m not receiving a check from this company but they do have a great website and products for just about every situation. Staining is not necessary, yet more of a personal preference. Sealing is recommended for it protects from water damage and UV Rays while at the same time helps to resist mildew and maintain the beauty within natural colors

If you feel this is too much of a mountain to climb, there’s two options. Option #1 is you can take one step at a time by learning the basics which will qualify you in the future to perform seasonal maintenance. Option #2 is call up a qualified professional. Good luck with your projects and I’d love to see pictures.


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