So….You’re cutting corners on me?

As we get estimates for work we desire to get done, we usually either go with a person that has been recommended or the company with the best price that made us feel comfortable as they answered the questions and gave suggestions. Yes this guy is qualified, he knows what he’s doing but how did he get his price so competitive. Is he cutting prices on labor or material?
Most people will not take a cut into their pocket, instead they’ll fill your home with a low-grade material and put a coat of paint or shellac on it and the average won’t catch on until. There’s nothing wrong with this approach but the customer does deserve to be notified and or given options. If it’s rental property the customer may want an economical, cost efficient product yet many people take pride in their homes and may want a mid to high grade product. If your being billed for $2000 in material and your builder seeks a corner to cut as he realize he under bid the job or feared he wouldn’t get the job if the price submitted was too high, your material may suffer in quality before the profit is dug into.
Therefore it’s recommended that you ask for options on the quality of material being put into your project or property. The case may be that you want to cut corners so that you can do more and then in turn you can get the finishing touch pieces you want. Whatever the case may be I say know the ingredients being put in your project as one with many allergies knows or inquiries about the ingredients included in a dish they desire at a restaurant. This way you won’t have to replace what you thought was to be excellent quality products, instead you’ll know what you have to replace and what you shouldn’t have to replace for a while.


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