Live it, Love it, Alive….

Hard work is not real hard when you love the work that you do. If one hates his work, the day seems long and the creativity will definitely not be inserted as it would if the feelings about the work were the opposite.

On the job site recently I’ve asked three different people what they were doing and got three different answers. All pouring and finishing a concrete slab, yet all having a different outlook due to their vision and passion for what they are doing. One said “I’m doing what the boss told me to do, why?”, another response was “I’m doing what I have to do to feed my family” and the last tells me “I’m pouring the best looking concrete slab your feet will ever walk across”. What is the difference? I don’t think it need be explained, not to say that you have to be enthusiastic about your job to do it right but to say if you love your job your creative energy excels.

If you don’t love what you do, make it what you did and not what you do for a living. Life is short, be the best you .


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