Valuable friends and friends of value……

I was always told “If you don’t know jewelry, your best friend should be a jeweler” and it makes all too much sense. Recently while setting up to pour concrete a guy came up to me asking several questions, that actually put the importance of the above stated quote in mind instantly. He was under the assumption that he would (alone, by himself) pour an addition onto his driveway by simply mixing bags of quikrete in 5 gallon buckets with a paddle bit . Pouring 2 foot sections every other day was his plan. Needless to say this guy told me he had surgery on his shoulder 3 times and my first response was “Are you serious?”. Concrete is a time sensitive product and it’s not, how should I say this? It’s not to be played with!
I truly understand that the economy has forced us into a zone of DIY madness yet we must know when to say when and again have a network of people that we can help and/or offer value, services advice and so forth too and in turn we must have a rolodex of friends we can call on when these situations arise so that we do not enter blindly. As it’s said if the blind lead the blind together they will fall into a pit.
My words and responses wasn’t with the intentions of gaining a lead (even though I did), my intentions was to give this man more information to leave with than which he came with. Please people do the research and ask questions before getting into a project that may set you back instead of forth. Also don’t hesitate to ask questions of those you hire and those with experience. Let your friends know what you have planned and they may know someone with experience in the required field that may be able to assist for a day rate. Skilled trades, craftsmen and technicians are no different from lawyers and doctors, respectfully. We may give ourselves cough medicine and such but there’s a time when we say I need to go to the doctor, this is truly no different!


2 responses to “Valuable friends and friends of value……

  1. This is so true – I have gotten myself into real trouble on occasion, with a project bigger than what I could handle. I have however learned what my limitations are and to definitely ask a million questions. Often times the people doing the work are more than happy to show me how they do it, so I can do it myself next time. Those are the people I call back for the next, over my head, repair!

    • Yes the questions is key! Just because you don’t know how doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know. Doing a little research never hurts, it actually allows one to not enter a situation blindly. Youtube has how to videos which can help you to gauge your questions. If people don’t answer your questions and tell you why they’re doing the things they’re doing they either don’t know what or may not know why they’re doing what they are doing. Thanks and good luck on your future projects

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