Refresh curb appeal

Everyday is a beautiful day and for those who like to get out on a nice sunny day and get a jump start on curb appeal today is that perfect day (if you reside in Georgia). The birds are chirping, warm rays of sun is seaping thru every void the shades, blinds and curtains allow and the heart wise neighbors are jogging and stretching while chatting about weather, sitcoms and what they plan on adding to the “honey-do list”. Lovely, isn’t it?

Well there’s a couple things that can be done that’ll give you a fresh start on the new year without breaking the bank too much. Some people may not need anything at all yet there’s many of us who neglected one thing and now that one has become a couple items that need addressing.
I start by standing in front of the house and maybe snapping a picture, be it imagination capturing or one with a physical picture. Next just as we did in grade school when we circled what’s wrong with this picture or even better go back to when you had to create something with the line the teacher put on your piece of colorful construction paper. I like to surf the net and get ideas and then put them on paper. This is a key step. When you sketch out a final product, you can answer many questions that you’ll encounter once your begin your process. Better to have answers now than to get halfway through and not have enough skill, material, tools or money to complete the project. Figuring out
-How much material and what’s the price of it?
-What can I afford for now?
-What will I leave out?
-What should I splurge or not cut cost on?

It really doesn’t take much truly its the smallest details that enhance the overall. Here’s a list of a couple items that can be addressed to bring forth

-Repaint or refiinish front door
-Replace screen door
-Replace exterior light fixtures or add outdoor lighting
-Pressure wash house driveway and fences
-Replace the mailbox and address numbers
-Repaint the porch
-Planting of seasonal flowers that add color (last frost dates vary for more info check local nurseries, you may be able to cover if unexpected frost catches you by surprise) or pruning of trees and of course all is depending on location.

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